Australian Sites


Melbourne, Australia

The Melbourne site experiences an average ambient temperature of 16°C and average yearly rainfall of 650mm. It is located near the Indian Ocean and is 35m above sea level. Melbourne's climate is temperate and the site can be used for many different types of exposure testing.

Latitude: 37º 49' South
Longitude: 144º 58' East
Elevation: 35 meters
Average Temp: 16 °C
Avg. Relative Humidity: 62 %
Total Rain: 650 mm
Total Radiant Exposure: 5,385 MJ/m²

Townsville, Australia

Allunga Exposure Laboratory is located near the Coral Sea and representative of a tropical climate. With an elevation of 15m, an average ambient temperature of 25°C and an average yearly rainfall of 937mm, the townsville site is half of AWSG's EverSummer program which exposes specimens for two summer exposures in one year.

Latitude: 19º 15' South
Longitude: 146º 46' East
Elevation: 15 meters
Average Temp: 25 °C
Avg. Relative Humidity: 70 %
Total Rain: 937 mm
Total Radiant Exposure: 7,236 MJ/m²