In 1974, Karl-Heinz Steuernagel founded the company K.H.STEUERNAGEL Lichttechnik. He became a pioneer specializing in flicker-free HMI-lighting for crash test photography. Karl-Heinz Steuernagel, with a team of colleagues, encouraged major automotive OEMs, such as OPEL, Audi and Mercedes, to move their unstable outdoor conditions to more reliable indoor crash test facilities similar to those that exist today.

  • 1976 First HMI crash test lighting system for OPEL, Rüsselsheim

  • 1982 Introduction of first impact resistant HMI onboard luminaires

  • 1984 First generation EPS driving HMI lamps with square wave current and ca. 3% modulation

  • 1988 Second generation EPS with improved modulation (1-2%) for higher frame rates and improved airbag studies

  • 1990 KHS produces first EPS < 1% modulation for frame rates > 100,000 setting the benchmark in flicker-free high-speed lighting

  • 1990 Launch of the BOOST technology for HMI lighting systems

  • 1991 KHS partners with Atlas

  • 1995 Atlas acquires K.H.STEUERNAGEL Lichttechnik together with Heraeus Xenotest GmbH

  • 2002 HIGH-S-LIGHT 4000 FLOOR and 250 Liquid Light introduction

  • 2012 Atlas opens sales channels for onboard LED luminaires by IES

  • 2013 Atlas partners with MESSRING for new LED floodlight M=LIGHT LED


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