HIGH-S-LIGHT 4000 BOOST Luminaire

HIGH-S-LIGHT 4000 BOOST luminaries are specially designed to match the illumination requirements of modern crash test configurations. An integrated HMI-lamps offer highest luminous efficacy, while special reflectors guarantee homogenic illumination of the test area. A glass filter blocks UV-radiation and further protects the lamp.


Dimensions (LxWxD):54cm x 39cm x 47cm


Coated aluminium housing, aluminium reflector, glass filter
Weight:16 kg (excl. retaining bracket)
Light Technology:Metal Halide
Lamp Power:4000 W
Luminous Efficacy:>100 lm/W
Colour Temperature:Daylight 5600-6000 K
Power Output:2000 W (50%); 4000 W (100%); 8000 W (Boost)
Lamp Service Live:Average 500 hours or 1500 starts
Ignition:Cold ignition; break before restart 10 min


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