New M=LIGHT LED is a state-of-the-art LED luminary for overhead, pit or static airbag applications. The new standard in luminous intensity - extremely bright, extremely fast and extremely powerful.

The M=LIGHT LED is the new standard for modern crash test facilities. New LED technology exhibits one big advantage against conventional lighting solutions – minimum emission of IR heat radiation. This greatly helps to run each test within its requested test temperature range. By operating LED luminaries in flash mode synchronized with the high speed cameras, energy savings up to 80% can be achieved.


Dimensions (LxWxD):25.5cm x 15.0cm x 19.0cm


Ruggedized aluminium housing, active cooling
Weight:5.50 kg
Light Technology:LED; starts instantly without warm-up time
Power:1000 W
Luminous Flux:up to 100.000 lm
Colour Temperature:Daylight 6500 K
Illumination angle:4 types: 23°, 37°, 56°, 71°
Steady Light:Dimmable 0-100%
Flash Power:200%
Synchronization:up to 25.000 fps
Input Voltage:110V-265 VAC 47-63Hz @1000 W


M=LIGHT LED brochure
M=LIGHT LED datasheet


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