Atlas® Material Testing Technology LLC & the National Institute of Standards and Technology to Host Workshop on Photovoltaic Materials Durability for the Solar Energy Market

Chicago, IL, July 2011  - Atlas Material Testing Technology and the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) are pleased to announce dates for the Atlas/NIST Workshop on PV Materials Durability. This two-day technical conference will take place on October 27-28, 2011, at NIST headquarters in Gaithersburg, Maryland. Topics will be relevant to module manufacturers facing product longevity issues as well as to those in the supply chain. This workshop is distinguished from other PV conferences by its focus on durability issues of materials used in solar energy applications. 

Topics will include: 
• Accelerated lifetime testing
• Innovative materials /technology
• Advanced characterization methods
• Standards development and certification
• Fundamental research on degradation mechanism and failure mode
• Long-term adhesion challenges
• Accelerated test and field performance linkage
• Correlation of material property with failure mode of modules
With the rapid growth in PV production and applications, concerns about the long-term performance and safety of PV modules amongst industry managers, regulators, users and investors are on the rise. Demonstrating durability and reliability is especially important when emerging technologies and new materials with an unknown lifetime history are utilized. 

Speakers include: 
• Dr. Thomas Chapin, Underwriters Laboratories
• Prof. Reiner Dauskardt, Stanford University
• Dr. Dean DeLongchamp, NIST
• Prof. Roger French, Case Western Reserve University
• Mr. William Gambogi - DuPont Photovoltaic Solutions
• Dr. Xiaohong Gu, NIST
• Dr. Leonardo Lopez, Dow Chemical Company
• Dr. Rafal Mickiewicz, Fraunhofer CSE
• Dr. David Miller, NREL
• Dr. Jim Pickett, GE Global Research
• Dr. Tsuyoshi Shioda, Mitsui Chemicals, Inc.
• Ms. Crystal Vanderpan, Underwriters Laboratories
• Dr. John Wohlgemuth, NREL
• Mr. Allen Zielnik, Atlas MTT LLC

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