Atlas® Introduces WXView ("WeatherView") – A State-of-the-Art Data Acquisition System

  Chicago, IL, July 2011  - Atlas is pleased to announce the introduction of a new control system for its Ci4000 and Ci5000 model Weather-Ometers. This latest enhancement is the platform for revolutionary features in weathering instruments. The new Panel PC equipped models will provide a complete suite of data acquisition, remote access control and monitoring tools featuring the innovative data acquisition (DAQ) software WXView. 

What WXView provides: 
• User interface for efficient transfer of information including test cycle parameters, control system data, etc.
• Local area network (LAN) interface for remote access
• Remote functions available in all current languages (English, German, French, Spanish, Japanese, Korean, and Chinese)
• Remote functionality allowing for multiple networked Weather-Ometers to be accessed
• The ability to create and apply a unique identification, or "name" to each Weather-Ometer®
• USB connections used for standard data acquisition functions
This new control system also provides a platform for upcoming enhancements, including: 
• Compatibility with the Atlas UVTest instruments and older Atlas Weather-Ometers
• Remote access to control/monitor and e-mail messages/alerts; expandable to include mobile apps
• Links to Atlas Weathering Services weather data summaries

Through a simple software upgrade, these enhancements will be easily added to the functionality of the new control system. Retrofit kits will be available to upgrade existing Weather-Ometers (Ci4000 units built after June 2006 and Ci5000 units built after November 2007)