Atlas® Introduces New Sealed Lamp for Improved Quality and Efficiency in Weather-Ometer® Testing

Chicago (IL), April 2011 - Atlas introduces a new one-piece lamp assembly for its 6.5kW xenon arc-compatible weathering instruments. The Sealed Lamp, which can be used with all versions of the Ci35/Ci65 and Ci4000 Weather-Ometers, offers unprecedented ease of use and quality benefits. A typical lamp assembly is made up of multiple components, including the lamp, the upper and lower filter housings, the inner and outer filters, and a burner socket. These components are assembled by the operator before every use as well as every time a filter is replaced, introducing the risk of mishandling or damage to one or more of the fragile

The new Sealed Lamp is sold as one component with no assembly or disassembly required. It is available in the most common filter combinations to meet nearly all Spectral Power Distribution (SPD) requirements. All filter combinations of the Sealed Lamp have a recommended service life of 2,000 hours. Less handling means improved repeatability and decreased failures due to assembly issues. Sealed Lamp users will also get more uptime from their instruments, as tests will not need to be disrupted prior to the 2,000-hour lifetime of the lamp assembly.