Atlas Presents Product Enhancements at the European Coatings Show 2011

Linsengericht, February 2011 – Atlas Material Testing Technology, the global leader in weathering durability testing equipment and services, will be exhibiting at the European Coatings Show (ECS), March 29-31, 2011 in Nuremberg, Germany (hall 9, booth 9-256).

Atlas® will be featuring their standard weathering instruments - the Ci4000 Weather-Ometer®, Xenotest® Alpha+, SUNTEST® XXL+ & XLS+, UVTest and SEPAP as well as the following product enhancements:

Ci4000 Weather-Ometer® - Two new enhancements will be featured:
Specific Specimen Surface Temperature (S3T) is a revolutionary advancement for recording actual specimen temperatures while on exposure in an Atlas Weather-Ometer. Specimen holders are fitted with a programmable RFID tag for easy sample identification. A non-contact IR pyrometer monitors the temperature of specimens at each rotation of the rack, providing a comparison to standard reference panel temperatures (BPT or BST). Data can be displayed on the User Interface and also downloaded for analysis using any standard spreadsheet program such as Microsoft Excel. This patented technology represents a significant advancement in the information obtained during accelerated weathering exposure tests. The user no longer has to make assumptions regarding the actual temperature of specimens during exposure.
The Atlas Sealed Lamp is a new concept for the water-cooled lamp assembly as used in all Atlas 6.5kW xenon-arc compatible weathering instruments. Previously, individual filters were assembled together with the xenon lamp and filter housings. Inner filters were required to be changed frequently. Through continuous improvement efforts with its suppliers, Atlas has eliminated the need for intermediate filter changes. The new one-piece Sealed Lamp offers unprecedented ease of use and quality benefits. Further, users will get more uptime from their instruments as tests do not need to be disrupted prior to the 2000-hour lifetime of the Sealed Lamp. The assembly will be available in the most common filter combinations to simulate Daylight, Daylight behind Window Glass, and Extended UV conditions.

XenoTouch Add-ons – These new online features – remote control, email service and online monitoring, are designed for use with the current Xenotest® and SUNTEST® air-cooled weathering instruments with the latest touch screen control - all aimed at simplifying an operator’s daily lab work.