With our worldwide network of weathering we offer you much more than just test instruments. Below please find a variety of  services supporting your lab life.

Natural Weathering Testing Services Atlas is renowned for its full service outdoor exposure testing and evaluation laboratories with main offices located in Phoenix and Miami. In addition to the main locations, Atlas has developed a Worldwide Exposure Network (WEN) which includes many climatologically different regions for the varied exposure of materials. Testing Services For nearly 90 years, Atlas has been the worldwide leader in real time and accelerated weathering testing. Atlas indoor exposure laboratories offer artificial accelerated weathering tests and a variety of other environmental test programs, all designed to accurately simulate true end-use conditions. Photovoltaic Testing Services Can your product stand up to the harshest environmental conditions? Atlas Testing Services can provide manufacturers with the data they need to demonstrate long-term durability and to support warranty and performance claims while reducing the costs associated with aftermarket product failure. Consulting Services Drawing on decades of weathering leadership and expertise, the Atlas Consulting Group can provide in-depth consulting services that assist you in developing and applying the best weathering test methods for your products, reducing product failures and improving time to market. Technical Support Proper maintenance and calibration are critical to maximize the reliability of your test data. A poorly maintained instrument can produce results that diminish the repeatability and reproducibility of the data. Industry Specific Services Click here for access to industry specific landing pages. On each of this pages you will find an complete overview of products and services specialized on your specific industry. Software In addition to our instruments and services, we are offering software tools to support your weathering testing programs. Check out the software that is currently available. Order Forms Some of our order forms are available as online forms. Alternatively, you can use our PDF and Word files to place an order.
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