Asian Sites


Guangzhou, China

AWSG's affiliate China Electric Institute (CEI), operates an outdoor exposure site in southern mainland China. The site represents a sub-tropical environment similar to south Florida.

Latitude: 23º 08' North
Longitude: 113º 17' East
Elevation: 6 meters
Average Temp: 22 °C
Avg. Relative Humidity: 79 %
Total Rain: 1492 mm
Total Radiant Exposure: 4,590 MJ/m²

Hainan, China

Operated by China Electric Institute (CEI), the Hainan site, located on an island off the southern coast of China, provides a tropical exposure. 

Latitude: 19º 15' North
Longitude: 110º 28' East
Elevation: 10 meters
Average Temp: 24 °C
Avg. Relative Humidity: 81 %
Total Rain: 2013 mm
Total Radiant Exposure: 4,664 MJ/m²

Turpan, China

Operated by China Electric Institute (CEI), the Turpan site, located on the northwest of mainland China, provides a desert exposure.

Latitude: 42º 56' North
Longitude: 89º 12' East
Elevation: 61.5 meters
Average Temp: 17.4 °C
Avg. Relative Humidity: 27.9 %
Total Rain: 16.4 mm
Total Radiant Exposure: 5,513 MJ/m²

Chennai, India

Located in the southeast region of India, the site is characterized by a tropical climate with high levels of sunlight, humidity and temperature. The site provides valuable test data for many industries, such as automotive exterior and interior (paint, polymer, textile, leather) panels, parts, components or complete cars; architectural and building products; and consumer durable goods, etc.

The site will become a new benchmark climate for the Indian market. In addition, the harsh climate with long periods of hot, humid weather and an average temperature of 28 (C, will also be a tremendous added value for manufacturers of materials and products around the world.

Latitude: 12° 35' North
Longitude: 79° 48' East
Elevation: 45 meters
Average Temp: 28 °C
Avg. Relative Humidity: 72 %
Total Rain: 1252 mm
Total Radiant Exposure: 6,760 MJ/m²

Choshi, Japan

Latitude: 35º 43' North
Longitude: 140º 45' East
Elevation: 53 meters
Average Temp: 14 °C
Avg. Relative Humidity: 78 %
Total Rain: 1682 mm
Total Radiant Exposure: 4,659 MJ/m²

Kirishima, Japan

Latitude: 31º 41' North
Longitude: 130º 49' East
Elevation: 322 meters
Average Temp: 15.5 °C
Avg. Relative Humidity: Not Available
Total Rain: 1912 mm
Total Radiant Exposure: Not Available

Miyakojima, Okinawa, Japan

Latitude: 24º 44' North
Longitude: 125º 19' East
Elevation: 50 meters
Average Temp: 23 °C
Avg. Relative Humidity: 76 %
Total Rain: 1741 mm
Total Radiant Exposure: 4,894 MJ/m²

Seosan, Korea

Operated by the Korea Institute of Construction Materials (KICM), this site represents a light industrial, marine environment.

Latitude: 36º 55' North
Longitude: 126º 21' West
Elevation: 6.5 meters
Average Temp: 11.8 °C
Avg. Relative Humidity: 75.4 %
Total Rain: 1235 mm
Total Radiant Exposure: 4,700 MJ/m²

Singapore (Changi Airport)

Latitude: 01º 22' North
Longitude: 103º 59' East
Elevation: 15 meters
Average Temp: 27 °C
Avg. Relative Humidity: 84 %
Total Rain: 2300 mm
Total Radiant Exposure: 6,030 MJ/m²